Acid Reflux For Breast feeding Moms

Heartburn and Breastfeeding


The sufferers of heartburn are well aware of the aches and pains associated with it but not all of them are Moms breastfeeding their infants. There are certain activities and positions that lead breastfeeding mothers to have heartburn.



The concern for mothers is if the treatments they are undergoing for heartburn are safe for them as breastfeeding moms, the answer is yes and in some cases with diet and nursing position is preventable.

Lying on your side while nursing can cause stomach acid to leak into your Esophagus causing heartburn. Other contributors are bending down, changing or picking up the baby.

Highly acidic and spicy foods can be the triggers that lead to heartburn so good choices have to be made.


For more info regarding treatments, considerations and prevention Click Here





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