Acid Reflux Cure

Natural Acid Reflux Cure


Acid reflux obviously can be attributed to many things that are part of our everyday life. Eating, drinking the way you sleep etc. The things we love the most are probably some of the most harmful things we do day in and day out.

For me, its popcorn with lots and lots of butter some days it bothers me and others are no problem. One thing I have
noticed is when I overeat I get a little heartburn when only eat half of the popcorn no problem.

As far as acid reflux is concerned pressure on the stomach or abdomen is one of the symptoms, so obviously overeating can cause bloating and increased pressure on your midsection.

A little planning and preparation go a long way to preventing that stuffed feeling. Follow the serving size suggestions on portion sizes for proteins, carbs and healthy oils. Following steps can help you eliminate this reflex symptom and start working on removal of another one. For more tips on acid reflux cure read more…

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