Acid Reflux Blood Test

Acid Reflux Blood Test   Okay, you had a great meal last night with all the fixings. What a meal you thought with a smile on your face and then the pain in your gut arrives to put a damper on it all. Acid reflux is probably what you have and many of us suffer from it in some form. Is there an acid reflux blood test and what does…

Erosive GERD

Erosive GERD   Experiencing aches and pains in your mouth, throat or stomach could be a sign that you are suffering from an ailment. Which ailment depends on your symptoms. These symptoms could be signs of GERD. Erosive GERD is a very serious condition that should be diagnosed and treated. Click here to learn more about Erosive GERD.

Acid Reflux Bad breath

Acid Reflux Bad Breath   Bad breath or halitosis is something that many people suffer from every day.  There are a number of things to help you get rid of that bad breath like fresh mint, gum, mints, apple cider vinegar to name a few. What about acid reflux bad breath will the items listed above work or do you need another option? Click here to learn more about acid reflux…

Acid Reflux Diarrhea

Acid Reflux Diarrhea     Loose stools are something we have from time to time and can be quite embarrassing. Sometimes the things we eat or drink can cause us to make frequent trips to the restroom. It is also possible we ate something spoiled or out of date. Kinda of makes sense but can acid reflux cause diarrhea? Click here to learn how acid reflux causes diarrhea.  

Acid Reflux Test

Acid Reflux Test   Acid reflux affects people in different ways with various different symptoms. Is it something your eating or is it something your drinking? Wouldnt it be great if there was a test you could take to help determine if you had acid reflux and the severity. Well, there is a test called acid reflux test. Click here to learn an about the tests of acid reflux.

Gerd In Children

Gerd In Children   GERD or acid reflux in children is not something we would wish upon our children. It’s not a good experience for adults so you know our children are really suffering. Children put lots of things in their mouth some of which are good and some of which are bad. In any event, they need our guidance for the correct foods to eat which could help relieve their GERD. Click here…

Bile Acid Reflux

Bile Acid Reflux   Reflux affects a large number of organs in our body. Acid reflux is something usually triggered by what we eat or drink. Noticing and changing those habits can help relieve the pain and discomfort. Now bile acid reflux is something a little different and affects a different organ within the body. Click here to learn more about bile acid reflux


Esophagitis   There are times after I eat a meal that I have a hard time swallowing, my throat hurts. I don’t have a cold or virus so what could it be? I do have occasional acid reflux depending on what I eat so I would guess that why my throat is sore at times. Esophagitis is that connection between your mouth and stomach and stomach acid can cause severe damage…

Acid Reflux Nausea

Acid Reflux Nausea   Acid reflux nausea is a condition that some of us experience during our bouts with acid reflux. Acid reflux in and of itself is pretty bad but now you have to deal with nausea and throwing up. Eating and drinking acid reflux friendly foods could be the answer to preventing acid reflux nausea. Click here to learn more about the symptoms and treatment.

Vinegar For Heartburn

Vinegar For Heartburn   Okay I admit it I’ve tried apple cider vinegar several times and it’s not a very good tasting liquid. There are suppose to be some great health benefits to adding this to your daily regimen. Now if you’re suffering from heartburn ACV might be a drink you want to try to lessen your suffering. I found a site that lists the benefits of vinegar for heartburn click here.