Do I Have Acid Reflux

Do I Have Acid Reflux     Aches and pains of the torso can be caused by several different conditions within the body. What they are and how they are triggered can be very complicated but solvable. Do you have acid reflux is a viable question to ask yourself and if so start to look for some solutions. Click here to learn more about acid reflux

Chronic Indigestion

Chronic Indigestion       Indigestion is really a pain in the gut. It can be something you’ve drank or something you’ve eaten that creates that pain in the gut. Whatever that may be there has to be a solution to relieve the pain. Chronic indigestion occurs more often which means more pain. To read more about chronic indigestion Click here

Stomach Ache

Stomach Ache   We’ve all had a stomach ache in our lives sometimes we know what caused it sometimes we have no idea. Digging down deep inside we just need to use our recall functions to figure out what might be causing our stomach ache. Could we have some digestive issues, GERD, heartburn, acid reflux? Click here to learn more about stomach ache issues.

Acid In Stomach

Acid In Stomach   Okay, we know as part of our anatomy that acid in our stomach helps to break down what we eat as it enters and hangs out in our stomach. How much acid is in our stomach and how much is too much which can cause other issues. Click here to learn more about the acid in our stomach.

Stress Heartburn

Stress Heartburn   Everyday living can be very stressful in general. Got an important report due in a couple hours and you don’t have all the facts put together yet? There are different levels of stress, you can get a stomach ache from stress, headache from stress and just general aches and pains from stress but stress from heartburn?   Click here to learn more about stress heartburn  

Acid Reflux Attack

Acid Reflux Attack   An acid reflux attack is nothing fun to experience no matter the severity. It’s just a very awful uncomfortable feeling associated with some sort of pain either in your gut, chest, throat or mouth. The attack itself is just a flare-up of your reflux symptoms at their worst. There are steps you can take to minimize these attacks.   To learn more about acid reflux attacks click…

Acid Reflux Blood Test

Acid Reflux Blood Test   Okay, you had a great meal last night with all the fixings. What a meal you thought with a smile on your face and then the pain in your gut arrives to put a damper on it all. Acid reflux is probably what you have and many of us suffer from it in some form. Is there an acid reflux blood test and what does…

Erosive GERD

Erosive GERD   Experiencing aches and pains in your mouth, throat or stomach could be a sign that you are suffering from an ailment. Which ailment depends on your symptoms. These symptoms could be signs of GERD. Erosive GERD is a very serious condition that should be diagnosed and treated. Click here to learn more about Erosive GERD.

Acid Reflux Bad breath

Acid Reflux Bad Breath   Bad breath or halitosis is something that many people suffer from every day.  There are a number of things to help you get rid of that bad breath like fresh mint, gum, mints, apple cider vinegar to name a few. What about acid reflux bad breath will the items listed above work or do you need another option? Click here to learn more about acid reflux…

Acid Reflux Diarrhea

Acid Reflux Diarrhea     Loose stools are something we have from time to time and can be quite embarrassing. Sometimes the things we eat or drink can cause us to make frequent trips to the restroom. It is also possible we ate something spoiled or out of date. Kinda of makes sense but can acid reflux cause diarrhea? Click here to learn how acid reflux causes diarrhea.